Simple: I don’t believe that what we do for a living should define us.

In fact, I’m leading a mini revolution to change people’s answer to the question “What do you do?”, because you are NOT how you earn your money. You’re the difference you make in the lives of others.


Which is why I’d usually respond by telling you I’m The Sparkle Fairy—glitter dust ‘n’ all. (And if you laughed when you read that, then I did my job.)


If we have to get official, I’m the Chief Inspiration Officer here at Chase What Matters—and ultimately, all I want to do is show you how simple it is to make a difference.


Right here. Right now. Not on that elusive “someday.”


Your life is your legacy. You’re only here for one go-around. Let me help you jump start your mojo and decide how to make your mark on this world as you sort out “What’s Next”.


Consider me the permission slip to make things your business. To take action, and to care again.


“Because when you chase what matters, life has more meaning.”

Denise Logan Photo

Hi! I’m Denise Logan

Chief Inspiration Officer

(a.k.a. The Sparkle Fairy)


C’mon… take my hand & let’s do this together!