When Chase What Matters founder Denise Logan talks, people are lit up and ready to act.


Her audiences typically have everything they “should” want, but long to make a difference and leave their mark on the world in a more memorable way.

Denise specializes in talking about making an impact, changing the status quo, and living a more meaningful life.


Most importantly, she asks people to rethink their answer to the question: What do you do?


Far from feeling isolated in their desire to create more meaning in their lives, people leave Denise’s talks feeling energized—and determined to put their talents to work to help those who need them most.


As the founder and CEO of Chase What Matters and The Dream Project, Denise Logan inspires audiences across North America as a keynote speaker who is passionate about giving back.


An unrelenting advocate for doing work that matters, her mission is to help audiences identify their purpose so that they can contribute more meaningfully to the world around them and live more satisfying lives.


Denise always brings a river of powerful, original ideas and unconventional views through a no-nonsense, to the point, down-to-earth, and often hilarious delivery that inspires even the most cynical. Attendees at her workshops have said that meeting Denise quite literally changed their lives.


As a speaker, Denise has shared her expertise and inspirational stories with audiences including top business schools, the Women’s Association of Venture and Equity, the Family Motor Coach Association, Community Associations Institute, the Capital Roundtable and the American Bar Association.

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These are my favorite things:

Books, art, people and beyond that inspire me. Is there something or someone that inspires you? I’d love to know about it!


Photographer Bob Sadler

Bob began The Inherent Worth & Dignity Project two years ago from a simple request to photograph homeless men who came to a church for a meal and an overnight stay once a month.  He and the men were transformed by the work.  The portraits are precious and the impact on public policy discussions have been breathtaking as the self-esteem of the men rises and viewers most often say “How could this man be homeless?”  See more of Bob’s work by clicking below.


Musician David Roth

David charmed me more than a decade ago with his clear voice, his tender heart and his spunky humor.  His song This Is The Year has set the tone for many of my clients to seize the bull by the horns and make the change that their lives have been calling for.  Check out David’s unique sound and where you can see him next by clicking below.







SOS Children’s Villages

As you might imagine, I am particular about the organizations I personally support.  I sponsor children in several countries.  SOS steps into parts of the world impacted by poverty, violence and famine and puts into action the maxim “It takes a Village to raise a child”.  Their mantra “Every child deserves a loving home” resonates for me.  I have spent time with the children I sponsor, forging special bonds that have changed my life and the lives of these children.  SOS Children’s Villages is one of the beneficiaries of our Dream Project.  Learn how you can sponsor a child by clicking below.